Server Upgrades! (Time for an update!)

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It has finally become official. While the website has been “unofficially” running on the blade server system in my garage, I finally decided to make it a more permanent residence for the web server. When we moved to our new home in Seymour last year, I was offered some server equipment at a price where I just couldn’t say no! It consisted of a full size server rack (AND BOY IS IT HEAVY!!!), 6 blades, server rack KVM, 2 HP Modular Arrays, and 2 SAN controllers.

I of course began by setting up the equipment and becoming familiar with the hardware. I quickly merged the web server to one of the blades where it stayed for months. I set up a few more blades for tests here and there. Some of you may have noticed a link at the top of the index page titled “Media Browser”. I hosted a windows based streaming service for family and friends. It worked well until my Array controller got finicky and decided I didn’t need my data anymore :D. So Media Browser has been decommissioned. One of the blades even housed a windows server 2012 active directory environment, I had a back up 2008 Active Directory server, a Nagios reporting server. The other blades were, and still are, mostly unused.

Since then we have removed Nagios (hardly any web traffic to notice when the site is offline so there is really no need for it), I have shutdown both of my Active Directory servers to save on electricity, but the web server still lives! We also move to Google Domain hosting about 4 months ago, not that there was anything wrong with the current domain registrar, but google made an offer I couldn’t refuse ;).

Google has sense approached me and wanted to discuss using adwords on the website. I have declined. The purpose of OpenSourceCafe is to use OPENSOURCE projects to build the web presence, and not to sound cheap but, I don’t look forward to PAYING someone to put advertising on my site so they can give some of the money back.

Here at Open Source Cafe, we are always open to donations (in the form of equipment, administration, monetary, etc.) but we do not PAY for services, nor will we ever reflect the running costs on the end user.

That being said, I would like some assistance in getting more users interested in Open Source Cafe. We need to build our ranks in Administration (for web services), News Posters (for wordpress blog), and Forum moderators (to help build and moderate content on the forums).

We also need suggestions. What is it you would like to learn about here on Open Source Cafe? Can I set up some software, or server to help you to learn or grow? Please let me know, We are here for you!

Now we have upgraded to a DL365. Housing a 240 GB SSD, 32 gigs of ram, and 2 Quad Core 2.3 Opteron CPUs. I think this should fit nicely. I upgraded the operating system to Ubuntu MATE 15.04. I will work on getting some more test instances online. Currently the wordpress blog, FaveOS, phpBB, and Gallery are currently online. All accounts should still be active, please send me an email if your account is not working properly.

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